Anywhere, Anything Switch: The Logitech Pop

logitech pop smart button

You can stick this little rubber pad of a switch anywhere to control lights, music, or to trigger scenes in smart platforms like Harmony, SmartThings, Belkin WeMo, or IFTTT. The simple-as-possible Logitech Pop button is easier than an app, faster ...

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Gesture Zone: The Fibaro Swipe

fibaro swipe gesture control

The Fibaro Swipe is a gesture sensor and smart home controller that you don’t actually touch – you move your hands in front of the tablet-like control surface using a variety of preset motions to control different components of the ...

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Connected Beauty: The Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro

The smart home will eventually move beyond control by wall switches and smartphone apps to where objects and furnishings control the environment just by being touched & used. The Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro is controlled by your presence and your voice so you will always ...

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